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Who does not want to be hired for their desired job role and company? But for that, a well-tailored resume is necessary. A resume is an essential element required for job hunting, so it needs proper concentration and energy. However, you keep attempting to craft a perfect resume by writing all your remarkable skills and experiences efficiently but still fail to get interview calls. 

The reason is that your resume is not being reviewed manually by the employers. Instead, computer software, ATS, reviews and scores it as per certain factors. This system has been used by companies to track suitable resumes for the job role. To win the game of ATS score, a groundbreaking ATS resume is always appreciated.

In this blog, let’s learn about ATS, how it works, and how to tailor an excellent ATS resume. Once you know the techniques for customizing a notable resume, it gets easy for you to elevate your chances of receiving an interview call from your dream workplace.


What is an ATS?

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. It is an AI-driven software application (ATS) that works as a resume scanner. In this digital era, ATS has made resume reviewing convenient and time-saving for employers, so numerous companies have started using it. 

This system tracks specific keywords relevant to the job role, according to which it scores the resumes. The resume with the most relevant keywords is more likely to be selected. Therefore, it is crucial to customize the resume as per the ATS.


Understanding How it Works

To craft a brilliant ATS resume, one needs to understand the procedure of ATS recruiting candidates for the job. Here are the six steps ATS goes through to select the resume and present it to the hiring team.


1. Resume Parsing

When you submit your resume to the website, the ATS parses significant information, including your contact information, education, skills, and job experience. Through the parsing process, the ATS makes accurate categories of this information.


2. Keyword Analysis

The ATS scans your resume and tracks specific keywords mentioned in your skills, job aspiration, and qualifications of your resume. These keywords are tracked based on the job description. 


3. Ranking and Scoring

According to these keywords in your work experience, skills, and qualifications, and their relevance with the job description, the ATS scores and ranks your resume. A resume with good scores is most likely to be selected. 


4. Categorization

Based on the entered job requisition by the recruiters, the ATS categorizes your resume. These categories are made as per your skills, experience, and education to help the recruiters filter your resume. 


5. Matching with Job Role

The ATS compares your resume with the job description to check whether your data aligns with it. The closer the data is to the job description, the higher your resume will be ranked.


6. Presenting to Recruiters

The ATS selects the resumes from the highest ranks and presents them to the recruiters for further review. The recruiters then examine them in detail to finalize the selection of candidates.


Crafting an ATS-Friendly Resume

With the ATS software, resume writing techniques have also been updated. Since most organizations are using ATS to select candidates and save time, it is fundamental to know how a fantastic ATS resume is crafted. To ace the game of ATS scoring, the ATS resume should contain all the vital factors that the Applicant Tracking System requires.

In this digital stage where resume writing companies are doing wonders to help individuals, one should take the help of Resume Writer Canada to craft a perfect ATS resume. These writers have enough knowledge and experience of the keywords that ATS tracks for each job role. Furthermore, here are some tips for ATS resume writing to obtain the highest ATS score: 



1. Keyword Optimization

Since the recruiters enter some specific keywords in the ATS according to which it examines the resumes, add various keywords that are relevant to the job in your resume. Use these keywords throughout your resume to get tracked by the ATS and gain top scores.


2. Clear and Concise Formatting

Even when employers review your resume, they get frustrated with the lengthy information and exaggerated data. Similarly, the ATS cannot track complex data in your resume. So, mention all the details in your resume in a clear and concise form. Plus, use bullet points and a standard form in a way that your data is easily readable to both ATS and human recruiters.


3. Heading Relevancy

It is crucial to organize your resume to enhance its readability. A resume looks attractive when its data is properly aligned under relevant headings. Therefore, make proper headings, like “Skills”, “Qualifications”, Experience”, and “Education” to organize your resume. These headings also help ATS categorize your resume accordingly. 


4. Refrain from Graphics

The ATS is an AI-driven software that cannot read the graphics. Therefore, avoid using graphics, pictures, or tables that make it complex for the ATS to analyze your resume.


5. Chronological Resume

Chronological resumes always attract employers and garner their praise. In these resumes, your data is aligned in a way that your most recent activity is highlighted first. The ATS also quickly captures the chronological resume and ranks it better.


6. Tailored Content

Your resume must be crafted as per your aspired career and job role. Therefore, make sure to read and understand the job description thoroughly and enter your data according to it. A resume with tailored content captures good ATS scores.



Interview Coaching

Acing the best ATS scores brings another level of excitement. However, your job is not yet done here. When you craft a perfect ATS resume and get selected for the interview, always remember to prepare well for it as your resume has already given your incredible first impression to your employers. Now, your employers have an idea about your professional status and personality so their expectations might be high of you.

Since you want to pass that interview by maintaining your impression and without disappointing them, consider interview coaching for its preparation. The coaching sessions will make you master the effective skills of giving an interview, including answering the questions confidently and improving your body language. The interview coaching will be a game-changer in landing your dream job.



Your resume plays a vital role in getting you selected for your desired job role. However, it also needs to be crafted well to capture the attention of ATS as well as employers for that. Since ATS is being used in most companies to recruit candidates for the job, it is significant to give proper attention to your resume writing. The ATS tracks the relevant keywords in your resume and scores them based on their relevance. The higher-ranked resumes have more chances to be selected by the recruiters.

Moreover, your resume must contain all your details, including your skills, qualifications, achievements, educational background, and work history. Consequently, all the data should be mentioned concisely to make your resume easily readable. Also, the resume must contain the relevant keywords and headings to get easily detected by ATS. Your data must be exceptionally tailored in chronological order, without the use of tables and images.


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